Dr Cristina PAC

Dr Cristina Pac is an Ophthalmologist graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babeș” in Timișoara (Romania). Together with Dr. Munteanu, bring the highest standards at Centrul Oftalmologic Prof. Dr. Munteanu in Romania.

Prof Mihnea MUNTEANU

Prof Mihnea Munteanu is a primary ophthalmologist, professor since 2017 and doctor in medicine since 2006. As founder of Centrul Oftalmologic, Prof. Dr. Munteanu, wants to provide ophthalmological medical services at the highest standards putting a big emphasis on Dry Eye Disease Diagnostic and Treatment. Since 2012 he is the head of the Ophthalmology Department […]

Dr Jelle VEHOF

Dr Jelle Vehof is known nationally and internationally for his research and expertise in dry eye and blepharitis. Dr. Jelle Vehof received his medical and doctoral degrees at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands. He was a member of the TFOS DEWS II epidemiology subcommittee and founded the Dry Eye Clinic in the […]


Dr Liliana Nóbrega is an ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience in the specialty. Her areas of interest in Ophthalmology are: Cataract, Refractive Surgery, Ocular Plastic Surgery, Contact Lenses and Ocular Surface. Clinical Director of Oftalmocenter and Founding Partner of Ophthalmology Vitória. Dedicated to the study of Dry Eye since 2007.