Dry Eye Disease (DED) is prevalent in more than 20% of the population and is now also manifesting in youth due to increased screen time. The eye affliction is the 2nd most prevalent globally.

As a leading French company specialized in creating solutions for Dry Eye Management, ESW vision presents you connect® Round Tables.

connect® Round Tables take place 10 times a year and provide an open forum for live discussion on all topics related to Dry Eye between experts and the international public. Topics range from simple everyday issues eye care clinicians and specialists face to rising concerns on the subject.

With connect® Round Tables, ESW vision aims to shed light on Dry Eye Management, present it to clinicians and specialists, understand their concerns and required support, and provide a platform of communication for new solutions.

The goal of connect® is not only to provide an interactive medium for key opinion leaders on Dry Eye, but to bring about constructive discussion around it with the public. connect® Round Tables are a transformation platform in all directions: between experts – speakers – Round Table followers – ESW vision.

Tune in to know more as we tackle discussions from the basics of Dry Eye to special topics like the impact of makeup or COVID-19!

Your connect® ESW vision team